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100% Tri – Team Member


100% Tri Race Team 2019

Team 100%-Tri is born out of a desire to support triathletes in the best way possible, by putting them first. Being a part of the team offers you the opportunity to receive top level coaching and support which is normally only available to sponsored teams and top-flight athletes. Bringing together a group of like-minded individuals with the same targeted races this is your opportunity to benefit from top level support without having to be a top level performer. With the support of your team members and a full staff team behind you, see just how much you can achieve



Our targeted team races for 2019 are the Outlaw Half events at Nottingham and Outlaw Half Holkham. As a team member we can GUARANTEE you entry even if these races  are set to sell out!

Being a member of Team 100%-Tri will provide you with complete support towards the Outlaw Half events (or an event of your choosing) with a fully structured and guided six month training plan which develops from a broad general conditioning phase through to a race specific preparation phase ensuring that you are in the best possible position on race day to achieve your goals. To make sure that you really feel part of the team we even GIVE you your own race day team kit!

100%-Tri is 100% athlete centred and as such there is simply no better value option available to you. We will help you get fit, feel healthy, feel good and look good, ready for race day.

Have a look at what you will benefit from as a member of Team 100%-Tri!!

Team 100%-Tri

  • 2018 / 2019 Membership
  • Guaranteed race entry* to Outlaw Holkham or Nottingham (*race fee paid separately)
  • Sponsor days – Swim, Bike and Run
  • Strength and conditioning program
  • General Conditioning plan
  • Race specific training plan (choose from Sprint to Full distance)
  • FREE Race day kit (Trisuit)
  • Online team support
  • Advice and discounts from team sports therapist
  • Advice and discounts from team nutritionist
  • 50% discount for bike servicing and bike fits at Giant Lincoln
  • 25% discount on all Blueseventy wetsuits
  • 10% discount on ON-Running shoes

Cost: £249




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